After Bitcoin, DeFi is in their sights – Why institutional madness could benefit Ethereum

Ethereum, still on the move – The prince of cryptocurrencies is growing at a steady pace, not least thanks to the growth of DeFi. The switch to Ethereum 2.0 could also cause a supply shock … and see the arrival of new players, eager to position themselves in this crypto-segment.

Ethereum, an undervalued asset?

The growth of Ethereum does not stop, but not only in terms of price. With $ 1,000 billion in transactions on its blockchain in 2020, records keep falling right now.

There is also a growing demand from developers . Eh yes ! The Bitcoin Profit blockchain is the preferred platform for developing new decentralized technologies . The speed of transactions and low cost are the main reasons.

The upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0 is contributing to the buzz.

The DeFi boom

By 2019, the total value stuck in DeFi apps on Ethereum had tripled from $ 190 million in December 2018 to $ 610 million in December 2019. Today, it would be worth $ 26.5 billion , according to DeFi Pulse .

This growth could be explained by the massive arrival of institutional investors, who seek to find ever more attractive rates of return. There is therefore no doubt that 2021 promises more (good) surprises.